If you live in Dallas/Ft. Worth and have even a toenail dipped into the local music scene, this is likely anything but an introduction.  The O’s, made up of John Pedigo and Taylor Young, have touched just about every last noodle in the spaghetti bowl of local music.  Not only do they play more often than most people clean behind their ears, but they are both involved in a variety of different – and incredibly talented – bands and acts.

John performs with the Boys Named Sue, a popular alt-country group, and is the “J” in The JC Experience, a musical variety show he created with Chad Stockslager that kind-of has to be experienced to be explained.  Taylor, in addition to The O’s, serves as the drummer for Calhoun and sometimes The BAcksliders, both artists with music in The Debut.

Unlike most duos that adhere to the popular drum and guitar concept, The O’s play a little bit of everything all at once.  It’s like watching two one-man-bands playing together.  Taylor plays acoustic guitar while John plays banjo or slide guitar and both share percussion duties with their feet.

But it’s their fun stage presence along with their catchy bluegrass-infused tunes that makes their shows so fun.  It’s also the nature of their banter that earned them a spot in The Debut script.  When I needed a duo for a cameo in a funny scene, The O’s were the first group to come to mind.  See them live and you’ll see why.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with John and Taylor after a show recently where they shared an awesome bill with The Orbans and Sarah Jaffe  They’re currently working on a new album and recently released a new single, called “We’ll Go Walkin‘”.  Check it out, and catch one of their shows when you get a chance.

I’m sure they’ll even let you buy them a drink when they’re done.