Okay, this, I’m pretty darn excited about.

We’ve got The Burning Hotels!

I’ve kept this under wraps for a while, but I got a welcome New Years Eve present when I received word from Chance Morgan, the frontman for the group, that they are, “Completely in.”

The Burning Hotels have been garnering national attention over the last year and deservedly so. Their recent album, Novels, is a neo-retro powerhouse in the vein of The Strokes and The Stills, which found its way onto many “Best of” lists around DFW and even around the country.

I was hoping I could use this post to pimp some of their upcoming shows, but it looks like they don’t have any in the near future as they’re working on a new album – which is awesome news in itself.

I’ve gotta say, at this point I think I could make the worst movie of all time and it would still be incredible just for the soundtrack. (And I’m aiming for awesome.)

In case I don’t say it enough, I really want to thank all the bands involved (the list is getting too long to recite here) for supporting this project. I really am humbled to have them all on board and am excited to no end about what it means for this movie.

Here’s the most recent single from The Burning Hotels, which delves even deeper in to retro electropop territory – Allison.