The Grammys are indeed a fickle lady. Some years their awards seem spot on, other years you have to wonder if they’re being voted on by people in nursing homes (I’ll never forget in 2003 when they did a huge tribute for The Clash by getting Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, Elvis Costello, and Steven Van Zandt on stage to perform “London Calling” – which it was pointed out lost in 1981 to “Sailing” by Christopher Cross).

But sometimes they get it right, as many a hipster have pointed out with their awarding of Album of the Year to Arcade Fire.

So I think it’s a great thing to say that 14 Texans walked home with awards at the Grammys Sunday night.  Just goes to show that Texas has a musical legacy to reckon with, and it’s still going strong, if not growing.

We hope The Debut will be a part of that Texas musical legacy very soon.

A legacy that, in all fairness, includes Christopher Cross.