I am a writer for a living.  Not many people can really say that.  But that’s actually what pays my bills.  I’m proud of this.  It took me a long time to get here.

Along with being a writer comes a couple of side effects, one of them being something of a Grammar Nazi.  I’ll admit, people who can’t get their “your” and “you’re” straight in their blogs, emails, and Facebook posts tend to find their way to the bottom of my respect pile.  Truthfully, I am tempted to block anybody who regularly murders the English language in such a way on Facebook.  Even more truthfully – I have.

Aside from being a Grammar Nazi comes an overall tendency to defend vocabulary and proper word usage to the teeth.  That’s why the subject line of this blog contains a couple of things that have recently riled me up.

“Epic.”  It’s being used all the time now.  I get it, it’s fun, no big deal, but when you overuse any word, it begins to lose its power.  Can Gettysburg still an “epic” battle when the barista serving your coffee just had an “epic” bike ride to work?  Saying something is epic used to mean something.  Now it’s about three steps above “fail”. (and when used together – it could signify something as devastating as someone falling down)

It’s an exaggeration.

Similarly, the 35 Conferette.  Two years ago, it started in Denton as NX35, a North Texas sister to the SXSW festival.  A respectable 124 bands played.  4,000 people showed up.  Last year, 250 bands played to over 20,000 people.  This year…  Well, let’s put it this way.  There are 71 headliners.  HEADLINERS.  Playing at 14 venues over four days, with bands from all over the world, including 5 to be featured in The Debut, this, my friends, is the definition of “epic.”

And by no means a “Conferette”.  The “…ette” implies that it is small, as a kitchenette is smaller than a kitchen.  This is not small, by any standard.  In fact, it has over two years become THE music festival of note in DFW.

So I suggest a new title, befitting of my Word Nazi rant above – The Conferepic.

The 35 Conferette runs March 10-13 in Denton.  Get your wristbands from the good men of Prekindle, and go to the 35 Conferette site for more information.

Here’s a little video to get you excited.  As you should be.

35 Conferette Lineup 2011 from 35 Conferette on Vimeo.