I’d love to say that I don’t care about awards shows and that I’m above watching the Oscars – but truth be told, I’m not.  I watch them semi-religiously.  Sometimes in a big group, sometimes by myself.

My first thought: James Franco was half asleep through the whole thing.  Anne Hathaway (and her 7 costume changes) did the best she could.  Of course, it wouldn’t be the Oscars without everybody the next day railing on how bad the hosts were – even Billy Crystal was tarred and feathered every year and now people are begging for him to come back – and maybe this year they deserved a little of it, but whatever.

I, for one, was glad to see The King’s Speech win.  It was pretty expected, though.  The film was Oscar bait.  Period piece, World War II, a famous main character, one with a handicap no less… Combine it with remarkable performances from the two leading men, and it was made to win Oscars.

I was also glad to see the screenwriter accept his award, his first one, at such an advanced age.  He joked that he was always a “late bloomer”.  The message:  Don’t anybody dare give up.  Ever.


On the flipside, you have Aaron Sorkin, a veteran TV writer/producer on the edge of legendary status, winning his first Oscar, which is also pretty cool.

Would like to have seen Christopher Nolan win for Inception – truly one of the most original and brilliantly structured plots I’ve ever seen.  But clearly the guy has plenty of Oscar-worthy work ahead of him.

My favorite Oscar moments ever?  When Once won for Best Original Song.  it’s the only award that’s ever brought a tear to my eye – I’ve never wanted to see anybody win so bad.  And the year that a sound designer won that had seen my first film and offered to rework the soundtrack for me.  I watched someone make an Oscar speech that had seen – and was impressed by – my movie.

That was really cool.