All right, let’s just be honest, people.  If you live in Dallas, you’ve seen them.  The $30,000 Millionaires.  The Dallas Douchebags.  Slightly akin to the LA Douchebags or the Jersey Guidos, it’s the fake-tan, muscled, over-primped, Ed Hardy-wearing, mouth-breathing segment of the population that you either love, hate, or secretly envy.

Mace is a Dallas Douchebag.  He’s bona-fide.  He was even on

Just before Charlie and Heather reconnected and began their whirlwind romance (way too many years in the making), Mace was Heather’s diversion.  They had a casual fling, just a fun thing, neither of them wanting anything serious, and when Charlie showed up, Heather broke it off immediately.  No hard feelings, no ill will, just friends.

At least, that’s what Heather thought.

Turns out, Mace really did have a thing for her, but knowing she didn’t want to get serious, he didn’t pursue things further when she broke it off.  But he did keep hanging around, partly because he just liked being around her, and partly because, hey, you never know.

See, Mace wasn’t always a douchebag.  He used to be a regular guy with all the regular guy relationship troubles, until one day he realized that if he put on this character of a douchebag, the women just seemed to respond to him.  So he kept doing it.  He did it so long that he eventually didn’t know when he was in character and when he wasn’t.  And nobody ever saw through it.  Until Heather.  She was the only girl he felt comfortable being himself around.  And now he’s lost her.

So when the evening starts off with Charlie and Heather having a huge fight – over him – he has a choice to make.  Take advantage of the situation to try to wedge them further apart, or step aside, accepting that all he ever was to Heather was a fling, and that she loves Charlie and would be happy with him.

What he decides will make him realize exactly what kind of guy he really is.