Posting some news from the set of The Debut, where we…

Wait a second… The SET of The Debut? Are you shooting?

Well… Not exactly.

Last Tuesday, we assembled a small cast and crew and shot one scene from the film.

The reason, in short, is because there’s a tax incentive that sunsets at the end of the year, and the only way to guarantee the film will be covered is if we shoot one scene with dialogue (along with lots of legal and paperwork stuff, which we already covered).

So with the help of The Granada Theater and my friends in the Film Conspiracy Group, we got together with Giovannie Cruz, who portrayed the role of Jackie in the teaser trailer, and Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup, whom we’ve been talking to for a while about playing Tom, the musician that goes missing in the movie.

Gio and Jaret did a fantastic job and the scene is being edited as we speak.  I’ll post it when it’s up for everyone to see.

Big thanks to Jaret and Gio, Mike at The Granada, Marc Rouse, Jason VanSickle, and Kyle Montgomery for their crew work and Ray Valadez for providing lights and other equipment.

And here are some pics from the shoot:

Jaret Reddick on the set of The Debut

Jaret snapped mid-scene

Jaret Reddick and Giovannie Cruz on set

Jaret and Gio admire the art direction.

Joe Scott and Giovannie Cruz

I don't remember what I was saying, but it looks important.

Gio and Jaret Reddick

In between shots

Jaret, Gio, and Joe Scott

Goofing off. Go figure.

Jaret Reddick on the set of The Debut

Jaret is weirdly proud of what people think of him.

I’ll post the scene when it’s finished!