Business Plan

The following stages will begin upon capitalization of the film fund:

(a) Packaging: During this stage, the Company will “package” the film (i.e., attach actors, directors, key production personnel and other talent).

(b) Preproduction: During this period (approx. 8 weeks prior to the start of production),
the Company will open a production office, hire all crew, engage a locations scout to
secure the locations for shooting, secure rentals for camera and lighting packages,
prepare shooting schedules, etc. Also during this time, all actors will be cast and

(c) Production: The production period (30 days or less) will be when principal photography
will be shot. After this time, all of the scenes from the movie will be completed or “in

the can”.

(d) Postproduction: During the postproduction period, (3 to 4 months), the visual and
audio components of the film are assembled into the finished film. The director and editor will select the best takes of the various scenes and craft them to best tell the story. Color correction specialists will conform the picture to look as visually stunning as possible. At the same time, the post sound supervisor will oversee music and clean up the soundtrack to its best representation, which may include “looping and foley sessions” where they re-record the actor’s voices and create sound effects in a sound

The Debut, upon completion, will be shopped around to major studios like Paramount, Universal, The Weinstein Company, Sony, Lionsgate, and Warner Brothers.
The primary goal of the production team will be a domestic theatrical release across the country.  While recent years have shown that a film does not need to be released in theaters to be profitable, having a successful theatrical run is a dominant factor in a film’s success in subsequent markets such as DVD, video on demand, internet, cable, broadcast, and foreign markets.

We also plan to harness the support and popularity of the bands that are featured in the film. By cross-marketing with the bands and their labels both in person and on the internet, selling DVDs at shows, and potentially even promoting live shows which will feature screenings and performances, we have the makings of a phenomenal grass-roots underground marketing campaign.