About the Movie

The Debut is a feature film from writer/director Joe Scott that will feature the sights and sounds of the music scene in Dallas, Texas.

Over a dozen local bands as well as music supporters, arts groups, and media personalities have stepped up and shown support for this project, which will shine a light on a hugely talented, but under-recognized community of musicians and artists, as well as help re-introduce Dallas to the world as a modern, eclectic city in the midst of a vast shift in it’s landscape, both physically and culturally.

The story centers around a guy named Charlie, whose best friend Tom is about to play his first big show with his band, Love in Vain, and Charlie plans to use the event to propose to his girlfriend, Heather. But his big night begins falling apart when he and Heather have an epic fight over her ex, a guy named Mace who she has remained friends with but Charlie can’t stand, and whom Heather has invited to the show tonight. And to make things even worse, Tom goes missing and nobody can find him.

Now, Charlie finds himself in a search party of three, including his nemesis, Mace, and Jackie, Tom’s lesbian manager. What follows is a series of wrong turns and misadventures as they scour the bars and clubs of Dallas, including stolen police cars, biker gangs, roller derby girls, rogue community activists, a mob of angry hipsters, a club fire, a famous media mogul, a maniacal tow truck driver, and several live band performances as they piece together the clues to find their friend and get him to the show on time. And in the process, discover some essential truths about themselves.