I haven’t died…

…and neither has the movie.

It has been pretty quiet on this website and the Facebook page for a while, but a combination of several things piled up on me and have kept me from dutifully maintaining the online presence. But the good news is things are starting to even out again so hopefully I’ll get back to regular communication.

The other good news? A teaser is on the way! In fact, that was one of the things that was keeping me from hopping on the blog, I’ve been working hard on a teaser trailer for The Debut.

Just to clarify… The movie hasn’t been shot! A lot of people hear me say I’m working on a trailer and assume that means the movie’s been done. And that’s understandable, after all, how can you cut a trailer to a movie that hasn’t been made yet? It’s a problem that I ran into for a long time and took me months to figure out. My solution…? Well, I’ll be revealing that soon.

So why shoot a teaser trailer for a movie that hasn’t been made yet? It’s called “sizzle”. Sometimes it’s good to have a little something to show people what to expect as you’re selling a project to investors and producers. In it, you’ll get to learn about the characters and how they come together to create the story of the movie, get some teasing glimpses at some of the thrill and spills that await in the movie, and get an overall feel for the tone – what the movie’s going to feel like. Not to mention show off the bands that are involved.

A lot of people have come together to help me with this project over the last few months and I’ll thank them by name when I reveal it. In the meantime, hang in there. I’ll try to keep everybody up to speed. Once this teaser hits, it’ll be a fundraising blitzkrieg to get this bad boy up and filming by the end of the year.

Hold on tight…

Homegrown Music and Arts Festival – This Saturday!

Last year, Dallas got a taste of a brand new music and arts festival, the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival.  Held at the new Main Street Park in downtown Dallas, this new festival offered some of the best bands Dallas has to offer and was a huge success.

So they’re doing it again.

Home Grown 2011 – The Bands from Yes Go Productions on Vimeo.

Just take a look at some of the acts involved:

Neon Indian
School of Seven Bells
This Will Destroy You
Analog Rebellion
Gallery Cat
The O’s
The Burning Hotels
…And more!

You might notice some Debut bands in that mix. Many of these bands are not to be missed. Check it out, this Saturday at Main Street Park, 11 am to 11 pm.

Get more info at www.homegrownfest.com

And buy your tickets ahead of time at Prekindle.

It’s Calhoun Day! Watch One Tree Hill!

It’s been a long time coming, but today’s the day Calhoun releases their highly anticipated album Heavy Sugar, which coincides with their song, Knife Fight being featured tonight on an episode of One Tree Hill.

I’ve gushed many times over about how much I love this song and this band, and though I’ll confess I’ve never seen One Tree Hill before, I’ll be checking it out tonight.

(They’ll also have a song on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” if you’re into that kind of thing.  Which I am not.)

FIND IT HERE on iTunes!

Today we all do the dance of joy.  Spread the word, this is a band and an album you don’t want to miss.


The Burning Hotels at the Ft. Worth Modern – 4/16

The Burning Hotels’ music is a work of art. Only fitting they’d be playing at the Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art this Saturday. If you’ve never been to the Modern, you’re missing out on one of the best art museums in the country. If you’ve never seen The Burning Hotels, you’re missing out on one of the most critically acclaimed bands in Texas.

Correct both of these major faults in your life this Saturday.

New Dallas POV – Ultraviolet Rock Show for CF

I was happy to do this video for Rebecca Dixon of the band, Lovie, to promote her charity rock show, Ultraviolet, which raises money for Cystic Fibrosis research.  Her daughter, Violet, suffers from CF and in the video, Rebecca talks about the everyday trials of living with the disease and how CF is an “orphan disease” that affects too few people for the government to support research on it.  For that reason, fundraisers like this are the only way to fund research to find a cure.

Spread this video around and help spread the word about this great cause.


Are you Experienced?

The JC Experience is a unique comedy/music/variety show put on by John Pedigo of The O’s and Chad Stockslager of The King Bucks.  They’ll be bringing their all-over-the-map brand of humor and fun to LaGrange in Deep Ellum this Friday, April 8th.

Tickets are available at Prekindle.com.  Sounds like quite a show.  Go check it out!

Here’s a taste of the wackiness…