Menkena is officially hogging the Dallas clubs

It was only expected that Menkena would be going all-out the month of January to promote their album release, but I’m having trouble keeping up at this point.

For starters, there’s the album release party, which is pretty much mandatory.  It’s at LaGrange on Saturday, January 22nd.

Just before that, they’re having an in-store show and album signing at Good Records on January 20th.

And just to keep anybody else from playing anywhere this month, they’re also playing at The Kessler on the 28th with Luna Matto and Daniel Folmer.

I’ll be putting those up on our calendar, so expect to hear more about these shows.

Once upon a time, Menkena shows were few and far between as they were working on their album.  It’s good to see these guys on the stage as much as they are.  And get their album when it releases on the 18th.  It’s trippy, man.