From day one, the purpose of this film was not only to make a great movie, but to give a boost to the highly deserving music scene here in Dallas. So we’ve decided to start a series of videos highlighting the people and places in the music scene that deserve recognition. It’s called Dallas POV and our first video features the lovely and awesome friend of The Debut, Miss Chelsea Callahan.

Chelsea has been a tireless promoter of the Dallas music scene for many years, being named Music Promoter of the Year more than a few times in different local media. Now she has her own booking company, Manhandler Booking, which she talks about a little bit in the video, as well as the current state of the music scene and why exposure is important.

There will be more to come, but enjoy this little nugget of goodness. These will also be posted under the Videos and Art tab of this website.

Dallas POV: Chelsea Callahan from Joe Scott on Vimeo.