Serendipity Moon Synopsis

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Logline: A heartbroken hopeless romantic and his pick-up artist roommate have their lives changed when they step into each other’s shoes for one weekend.

Synopsis: David Lawrence and Rob Milton are roommates and unlikely best friends. David is a struggling cartoonist in the pit of post-college despair. He works a mindless job making keys in a mall kiosk while he pursues his impossible dream of becoming a syndicated cartoonist. His love life is practically non-existent, and this weekend is the one-year anniversary of his catastrophic breakup with Diane, the love of his life. A breakup he’s never quite recovered from.

Rob is a modern-day ne’er-do-well. Sleeps until noon on a busy day, unemployed and fine with it, he coasts by on his looks, charm, and his parent’s trust fund. He’s a finely tuned womanizing machine of the highest caliber whose pick-up-artist ways cover a debilitating fear of emotional attachments.

Wanting to see his good friend happy again, Rob sets David up on a date with a friend who lives nearby. To his surprise, the girl winds up being a gorgeous model with a heart of gold named Rhonda. But it quickly becomes clear to David that she and Rob have been seeing each other – and Rob is using David as his excuse to bail on their relationship.

Rhonda, angry, confused, and desperate, decides to punish Rob. So she seduces David. It works. The next day, Rob is visibly shaken and continually pesters David about Rhonda. And while David isn’t proud of what happened, it does give him the shot of confidence he needs to finally talk to a girl named Sabrina where he works, which goes surprisingly well – in fact, she makes plans to come by that night.

Then, in a twist of fate David could have never expected, Diane reappears, professing her regret and asking for his forgiveness. Still not over his old feelings for her, he doesn’t have the will to say no.

Suddenly, Rob and David find themselves in an entirely new situation: David juggling three women and Rob pining over the girl he let get away. So when all of them wind up together in the same apartment on the same night, it becomes a personal quagmire of hilarious proportions.

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